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—Start the Machine


I see the stars, they’re in your eyes
A playful kiss, can you tell I’m excited?
I’m fast asleep in the nick of time
You lost your wish, God help you to find it
I’m on my knees, I just want to start
A fresh new start, don’t be undecided
If love’s a word that you say,
Then say it, I will listen

I will listen..

My birthday is on Tuesday.
It’s hard to get excited about turning 28.
Especially when all of your friends are old, and have jobs and most of them are married, have kids and careers and shit.
So, for most of the day I’ll probably be sitting inside.
I have a bike ride planned, but it’s supposed to rain on Tuesday and Wednesday.


"never odd or even" spelled backwards is "never odd or even"


"Go hang a salami, I’m a lasagna hog."
The same thing forwards and backwards.

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Hey Saturday 🙋


Hey Saturday 🙋